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Shielding the phone signal on the car by mobile phone jammer

Admin Posted on 2019-10-03

What if you don't want someone to call your phone in your car but don't know what to do? Humphries is frustrated that people are using mobile phones in cars, but he does things that people with few ideas will do. He put a cell phone jammer in the car for 24 months, he thinks the jammer can only work within a radius of approximately 30 feet.

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Humphries is not the first American to decide to do something about the people who play around with the phone. Many truck drivers use GPS jammers to block their privacy, so their bosses don't know where they are. A few years ago, a Philadelphian was very annoyed when he was on the bus that someone using a mobile phone to make a phone call. He wanted to carry a portable cell phone jammer to keep quiet.

A phone jammer is a device that scrambles a signal at a selected frequency. This scrambling will prevent your smartphone from sending and receiving signals. Most cell phone jammers work only within a specified radius. Once you remove your smartphone to a certain distance, it will be immune to interference. The jammer can be used almost anywhere, but it is mainly used in places that expected to be muted to disturb the phone such as entertainment venues.

This high power signal jammer can shield multiple signal frequencies and is suitable for users who need to shield multiple signals. It is easy to carry and easy to use. Only advanced design and exquisite craftsmanship can not only interfere with GSM, 3G, 4G and 4G LTE signals, but also shield GPS, WiFi and Lojack signals. You can choose your own shielding according to your needs.

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