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Cell phone jammer makes life quiet

Admin Posted on 2019-12-06

The principle of a mobile jammer is to generate a strong enough signal to "smash" the signal picked up by the phone within a nearby radius (a few meters), making it inoperable.

The jammer works on the frequency corresponding to 2G / 3G / 4G, and some can also intercept GPS WiFi UHF vhf band. There are two indicators on the front of the jammer: power and charging. There is an "on / off" button on the right side, a charging interface and a joystick for enabling / disabling different frequency interference. When the scrambler is connected to the power source, the "charging" indicator lights up red. After charging is complete, the indicator light will go out after a certain period of time!

If you are using a cell phone jammer for the first time, you will find them very easy to use: just press the ON button to start working and protect yourself. When the device is running, all nearby GPS, CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, 3G and other signals will be blocked. When you want to use signal jamming devices elsewhere (not just in your car), then you need to buy a portable jammer, they are small and lightweight, you can put them in your pocket or wallet so no one will Notice that you have a signal interfering device.

Honestly, people increasingly want to live in a quiet environment, enjoy a peaceful heart and comfortable life, do not want to be disturbed by mobile phone calls, or in some cases, someone follows the mobile phone signal and travel is threatened Or its privacy is under WiFi attack. Therefore, they must interfere with the device to block cellphone and WiFi signals so that people using signal jammers can get the ideal state they want.

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