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Which are the common places to use cell phone jammers?

Admin Posted on 2018-05-10

meeting rooms jammers.

Not just young people, nowadays people of almost all ages are increasingly unable to leave their mobile phones, and even carry a mobile phone with them in the toilet. However, mobile phones are not suitable for all occasions. Do you want to use a cell phone on these occasions, you know? How do these places use cell phone jammer to ban mobile phones?

1.Gas stations are forbidden to use cell phones

It is a well-known thing to ban the use of mobile phones at gas stations, but it is also one thing that is extremely unappreciated. Using a mobile phone at a gas station, making a call, may be caused by a magnetic field generated by the signal, causing an explosion, so the gas station will set a reminder to prohibit the phone.

Why can't I use my mobile phone at a gas station?

The gasoline in the gas station itself cannot be absolutely sealed, and some gasoline will leak and float in the air. When you use your cell phone, the radio waves emitted by the cell phone generate a wireless current that is sparked when it comes into contact with corrosive metals or poor contact. If such a radio frequency spark encounters a flammable gas danger zone formed by volatile gasoline, it will directly cause a fire, and a serious explosion directly causes a big explosion.

2.Hospital laboratory, operating room

In fact, it is not recommended to use a mobile phone in hospitals such as operating rooms and laboratories. On the one hand, due to the precision of the instrument, the radio waves of the mobile phone will interfere with the normal operation of the device.

3.Meeting room

Meeting rooms are generally prohibited from using mobile phones. If you are having a meeting with your boss, the moment your phone rings, it means your career is over. If you are talking to another company about a big business, when your mobile phone rings, it is estimated that your business is also fast.

As it turns out, many people are disgusted that someone is having a cell phone during a meeting.

4.Examination room

We know that mobile phones are a high-tech electronic device that can communicate, so mobile phones have become a tool for many students to cheat in exams. Because of this, in many important exams, mobile phone jammers are turned on to block cell phone signals, which makes mobile phone cheating impossible.

In fact, not only will mobile phone jammers be used in these places, but as the importance of information and privacy increases, portable cell phone jammers are already very popular, not only for indoor use, but also for use outdoors.

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