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Where are the wifi jammers used?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-11

In the era of the Internet, information spreads very quickly, and sometimes it is necessary to block or prevent the spread of information to avoid greater losses and panic. Now mobile phones can be seen everywhere in daily life, such as subways and buses, and almost everyone has a mobile phone. However, there are occasions when using a mobile phone is very inappropriate. At this time, you need to turn off the mobile phone or turn on the airplane mode, and you can also use a wireless blocker to interfere with the mobile phone signal to block the signal of the mobile phone.

wifi jammer

1. Some special enterprises need to use mobile phone signal jammers to prevent information leakage or transmission. Others are for the disclosure of some confidential content, such as meetings of some core technology departments or related customer privacy information. At this time, the wifi signal jammer is inseparable.

2.Second, some government agencies also need wireless wifi jammer device. For example, in diplomatic conferences, in order to ensure the successful conclusion of the conference, the wireless wifi frequency jammer can focus the attention of the participants.

3. Some large or professional national exams also require cell phone signal jammers, which can effectively avoid cheating by examiners

4.In order to prevent accidents caused by phone calls of oil depots, gas stations and related personnel of gas stations, it is also necessary to install wireless wifi disruptor.

5. Some detention centers or large and medium-sized prisons also use cell phone signal jammers, which can prevent prison personnel from communicating with the outside world through abnormal means.

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