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It has become common to use WiFi blocker in schools

Admin Posted on 2018-04-21

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For today's college students, even high school students, everyone almost has a smart phone . However, at the age of study, while studying, students should put their work first, and mobile Internet access takes up too much of their time. Therefore, many schools have begun to use wifi signal jamming devices to achieve the purpose of interfering with cell phone signals during class.

Different types of interference devices are used differently. Introduce a desktop interference device, many schools, large conference rooms, etc. are used. This WiFi signal jammer device not only shields CDMA GSM 3G 4G frequency band, but also interferes with WiFi and GPS signals. The output power is up to 15W and the interference radius reachs 30 meters. It is the most popular high-power WiFi jammer on the market.

In the classroom, many students secretly play mobile phones, and even openly answer the phone, which not only affects the classroom discipline, but also affects the learning atmosphere in the classroom. It is not only the individual but the students in the whole classroom. This desktop WiFi jammer is only activated during class, mainly for educational purposes, forcing students to block mobile communications during class.

Interrupting the teacher's course during the class, ignoring the teacher's lectures, will seriously reduce the attention of all students. Many teachers try to prevent students from using mobile phones to send messages, etc. in the classroom, such as handing over the phone, mute the phone, etc., with little effect. Therefore, please use the desktop WiFi jammer, the device is effective in suppressing the call function, and has received praise from many students.

Many students use mobile phones to cheat during school exams, such as sending out answers, searching for answers online, etc., which are highly concerned by teachers and parents. A wireless signal blocker will be turned on during the school exam to suppress cell phone communication as a measure to prevent test fraud. The equipment is simple to operate and the price is cheap, which guarantees the fairness, impartiality and effectiveness of the test.

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