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WiFi radiation seriously affects children's healthy growth

Admin Posted on 2019-10-06

With the development of mobile smart devices, WiFi coverage is also growing, whether in libraries, restaurants, or stations, cafes, and other public places, public WiFi is everywhere. We must admit that wireless networks bring great benefits to our lives and bring great convenience to people's lives, but wifi network security, wifi radiation and other issues are also in front of us.

Whether the WiFi network is safe not only involves our information security, property security, but once it is leaked, the damage caused is sometimes incalculable to us. There are many articles on the Internet that report that there are many problems with the security of WiFi networks. WiFi radiation is also a problem we have to consider, but few people pay attention to this issue. WiFi radiation can cause a lot of problems, especially for the health of teenagers. Relevant experts pointed out that radiation may be one of the causes of cancer.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people put more energy into health and physical improvement, so the problem of WiFi radiation is also a major problem to be solved urgently. Different people's solutions may vary, and more and more people are choosing to use a desktop Wifi jammer placed at home, which also makes it the easiest and bottom right way to solve home WiFi radiation.

The International Institute of Cancer Research (IRIC) website shows that radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF / EMF) generated by radio, television, microwave ovens, telephones and certain wi-fi devices are one of the origins of cancer. A biological research institute also said that children are more likely to absorb a certain amount of radiation than adults. With regard to wi-fi radiation, studies have shown that it affects children more than we think. wifi radiation can affect the healthy growth of children. The wifi blocker can prevent wifi radiation problems, and the wifi jammer is harmless to the human body.

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