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WiFi jammer invented and launched in the market

Admin Posted on 2020-02-26

Do you know too many wifi jammer to create quiet and safe driving conditions while driving, and in some cases will this WiFi signal blocker interfere with some special frequency bands? With the development of technology, such multi-functional jammers have been invented and put on the market.

Do you know what kind of signal jammers can occur in a car? The GPS signal jammer is designed for automotive use, and when equipped with an on-board charger, you can see the loaded vehicle and then use it directly in a motor vehicle, and the operator just needs to open the jammer button and it will start immediately as planned jobs.

Our eight-wire WiFi signal jammer blocks the car's signal using the mobile phone's GPS Bluetooth, and can block GPS wifi and other frequency bands at the same time. Of course, this mobile phone's GPSWiFi signal jammer is designed with a car charger, which can be used for motor vehicles. The design of the cooling fan allows it to be used even in mobile phones. It can always maintain a good working condition, instead of staying at high temperature, so as not to damage the device itself. It can easily aim the continuous target of 24/7 at the insulator of the mobile phone The maximum radius of 40 meters can meet the needs of large vehicles.

WiFi jammer invented and launched in the market
WiFi jammer suitable for installation in quiet environmen