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Pocket GPS jammer

Admin Posted on 2018-06-12

mini WiFi jammers.

Nowadays, the wireless industry is developing rapidly, many wireless application devices have emerged one after another, which brings convenience to people's lives, but also brings huge privacy risks to every industry and enterprise individuals. Currently, no communication system is considered safe, and if you are using an open wireless system, your confidential information is at great risk.

There are already GPS alarms for GPS trackers, WiFi wireless interceptors, etc., drones, etc. As you can see, all of these technologies are designed to track thieves and prevent damage to your property. crime.

With the development of science and technology, the tracking industry has also made great progress, and many new tracking devices have emerged. One of them is the mini tracker, which uses assisted GPS tracking technology and uses a combination of mobile positioning and satellite tracking, which is the tower triangulation in the mouth of professionals. This means you need a powerful GPS jammer to completely protect your position and prevent unauthorized pursuits. Jammer-mart's GPS jammers, each capable could clamp both the phone and the GPS frequency, so you don't have to buy two different devices for this purpose.

Jammer-mart offers a variety of dedicated GPS jammers that completely disable all types of GPS devices in a specific area. Therefore, the use of such GPS jammers provides full protection for its owners from GPS trackers and other spy gadgets that work on GPS frequencies.

Pocket GPS jammer is one of the small interference devices. The interference radius is up to 10 meters. It mainly interferes with the GSM 3G GPS WIFI signal. It is light in size, light in weight, hidden in depression, and easy to carry. You can put it in your pocket without worrying about being noticed by others. It is also equipped with an AC charger and a car charger for easy access. It is currently the most popular interference device on the market.

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