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Portable CDMA GSM 3G Mobile Phone Jammer Blocks GPS WIFI 2.4G 433MHz 315MHz 868MHz Frequency

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Power: 3W
Weight: 500g
Dimensions: 120 x 62 x 34mm

Product Code: EO04101US

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The portable cell phone jammer has powerful interference capabilities with 3 watt output power. At the same time, it has small and lightweight features which is convenient anywhere used. It can jamming the CDMA GSM and 3G cellular network signals. Besides, it also provides other interference signal, such as the common signal of GPS, WIFI and 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz remote control frequencies. Here are a variety of signal interference combinations for you. All the shielding combinations maximum interference radius can reach 15 meters.

Jamming Frequencies: - CDMA : (870 - 880MHz)
- GSM : (930 - 960MHz)
- PCS : (1930 - 1990MHz)
- 3G : (2010 - 2145MHz)
- Remote frequency : 315MHz / 433MHz / 868MHz
- WIFI : 2.4G (2400 - 2500MHz)
- GPS : (1570 - 1580MHz)

Other Parameters: Total power: 3W
Power supply: AC 110 - 240V / DC 12V
Battery: 2000mA/h
Built-in battery time : 90minutes
Weight: 500g
Deminsions: 120 x 62 x 34mm
Temperature: -10℃ to +50℃
Jamming radius: Up 15 meters (Disturbance radius may be affected by magnetic field)

Applications: Examination room: Can prevent and prohibit examinees from using modern communication tools.
Gas station: Can avoid microwave signal interference caused by accident.
Library: Can keep a quiet environment for reading and learning.
Movie theater: As an upscale entertainment place, noise elimination can keep the audience interested in watching the program.
Military remission: Prevention of external leakage of military secrets.

Packing List: 1 * Handheld black signal jammer
1 * AC charger
1 * Car charger
4 * Antennas

Note: 1) : Connecting all the antennae before the power supply switched on;
2) : When you get the device in the first time,recharge the device only after the power is used out,and try to recharge it no less than 12 Hours;
3) : Any sealed mark on the machine teared are void;
4) : Don't put the jammer in the water and fire, avoid using in the bad, Condition of over-wet, over-hot, high voltage and high magnetism;
5) : Antennae should be used vertical to the ground, working more efficiently.

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Gaffar Giffet 2018-05-31

Fantastic bargain! At this price, you can't go wrong. Works great, does everything it's advertised to do.

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Manjesh Mcyjon 2018-05-16

Finally, I can go out and have a great night without the help of disrespectful people on their phones. This is a must have. I will be ordering more products from you guys. The delivery is out of this world. Thank you!!!

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