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Wireless Portable Jammer Detect Recording Signal Device

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Weight: 300g
Dimensions: 120 x 62 x 22 mm

Product Code: EO010102US

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TG-007B wireless tap detector is a machine designed to detect and fix the position of the hidden wireless tapping device.The SMA socket on the top is for antenna, the two oval holes on the upper right of the face board are for loudspeaker. This handheld wireless signal detector small and light, but can quickly investigate the location of eavesdropping equipment, achieve the purpose of anti - eavesdropping. Also can be callde the most popular "portable jammer".

Product advantages: - Professional, sensitive, with modularly threshold and wide detecting frequency range.
- Sound and light alarm indicator makes it easy to use.
- Applicable to military, government, business and other venues.
- Good electromagnetic compatibility.
- Small and portable.

Other Parameters: Detecting frequency range : 1MHz-8000MHz
Main detecting frequency range : 800MHz-2500MHz
Detection sensitivity : ≤0.05mw (in main detecting frequency range)
Working range : >70Db
Indicator : 9 grades of LED light indicators / tonal modification sound indicator
Battery : 9V packed cell
Size : 120×62×22mm

Packing List: 1 * Signal detector
1 * The charger

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Function Perfect!!

Frankin Dale 2019-03-16

As a government financial staff, the confidentiality of company information is very important. So buy one inexpensive signal detector and put it in your office to effectively monitor all kinds of eavesdropping equipment. I bought it in March this year, it has perfect functions and I strongly recommend it to you.