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The Latest Handheld High Power 4G Mobile Signal Jammer With Plastic Shell

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Power: 5.6W
Weight: 0.75kg
Dimensions: 163x85x43 mm

Product Code: EO0811US

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This High-power handheld (2G/3G/4G full-band) cell phone jammer with Wi-Fi/ GPS/LOJACK signal, easy to carry, flexible to use, and built-in large capacity battery, can be used in the Public Security, Police, The Bomb Squad, S.W.A.T, Military security forces ,Anti-terrorist units, Anti-drug units, Border control units, Checkpoints, Personal use, etc.


  • Handheld design with ABS plastic shell, Small, Palm-size;
  • Easy to carry, Pocket-size, Hang or wear on the arm or belt(for police);
  • High output power, Can shield all common phone signal around radius 5-20m;
  • Stable performance, Wind hole on two sides and inside coolers make a constant cooling working, The temperature will be less than 50 after continues work 1.5 hours;
  • Power supply using big capacity lithium battery: :4700mA/h, Rechargeable with AC charge and Vehicle DC12V charge, full time about 4Hours,Working time:90 minutes;
  • Each band can work separately or simultaneously.
  • Personalized custom: For different area or devices to customize  different types of frequency signal, include Wi-Fi 5.8Ghz signal. 


1. Please charging 10 hours before fist usage, In order to extending battery life.
2. Make sure all antennas fixed correctly before the power supply switch turn on .
3. When power on, Keep dry and draughty, keep away from computer, notebook PC, television, audio
and AM/FM radio to prevent interferences.
4. The normal operational temperature is about 50 ° C. If the temperature is higher than the above, turn off the power immediately and contact local agent for help. the operating temperature:-10℃ to +45℃
5. Its functional coverage will depends on the location and strength of the ambient mobile phone base stations.
6. The antenna should be Vertical to the ground to get more efficient shielding effect.
7. The Ni-MH rechargeable battery has estimated 500 times recharge cycles. Please contact the local agent to replace battery if it is not rechargeable.
8.Any sealed mark on the machine tore is invalid.



Output Power

1: WIFI 2.4G



2: GPSL1















7: US 4G LTE(Europe)



8: 3G



Customer Reviews

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High Recommended Jammers

Laissoub Hafid 2020-10-23

I really like this jammer. From there I can enjoy the quiet life and the privacy. Nothing better than that!

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Cheap and useful jammers

Masson Andre 2020-09-20

This is my first time to buy jammers and I really very appreciate your help.Like this store so much and the products quality here is so high,I would like to order more.

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