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Signal jammers definition

Signal jammer is also called signal mask, signal blocker, signal scrambler, etc. Its main function is to interfere the signal radio waves, disturb the signal, so as to achieve the purpose of shielding. Along with the formation and use of various kinds of radio waves, it has applications in various fields of life and plays a vital role, especially in protecting people's privacy.

Jammers classification

Cell phone jammer Mobile phone jammer is one of the most common and widely used jamming devices in our life. In the examination room, the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices to prevent cheating; Gas stations banned cell phones, preventing explosions that could have been caused by cellphone communications. The court installed a mobile phone blocker to ensure the silence of the sentence. Cell phone spoiler used in prisons to improve security, etc. GPS jammer GPS jammer is a device to block satellite signals, which has great applications in civil and military fields. Anti-gps vehicle tracking, positioning and so on are daily cases. GPS signal spectrum is divided into five, including GPS L1:1500-1600 MHz, GPS L2:1220-1230 MHz, GPS L3:1200-1210 MHz, GPS L4:1250-1280 MHz, GPS L5:1170-1180 MHz, civilian is in front of the two main signal spectrum. WIFI jammer Wifi jammer is mainly based on the current the most popular wireless network signal blocking devices, the frequency of the interference is mainly (2400-2500 MHZ), 2.4 G wireless jammer can stop the mobile device to connect wireless network, also protect the safety of the network has a certain effect. With advanced performance, small volume, easy to carry, easy to operate, with one charge and two charge, the battery can open the slide cover and replace, and the work is stable. Drone jammer Drone jammers are the tools to shoot down uav. Uav relies on remote control. As long as the signal frequency of remote control is blocked, the uav can not work normally. In recent years, the development of drones has been rapidly growing, and in all areas of the industry, small drone strikes are good, but it could be a candid camera, so using a drone jammer is the best way to protect it.

How to choose a jammer?

Before choosing jammer, several factors are suggested to be considered:

  • We care about the frequency of the devices that are being stopped.
  • The output power of the device we want to jam.
  • The output power that the jammer should have.
  • Whether the power is battery or direct current.
  • The time required for the jammer to run and the associated cooling system.

1.By clearly knowing the frequency we need to interfere with, we can better choose the corresponding frequency jammer.
2.How much output power is what we need, and high power output means more function.
3.The radius of the interference is related to where we need to use it. For large areas, we need to use more powerful jammers, while for small areas, we don't. If you want to use it in more places, you can adjust the range of interference.

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