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8 Bands High Power Desktop Jammer For CDMA GSM 3G PHS DCS 4G GPS WIFI 315MHz 433MHz UHF VHF Lojack Frequency (Adjustable)

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Total power: 19W
Weight: 3200g
Dimensions: 350 x 140 x 51mm

Product Code: EO08001US

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This 8 bands desktop signal jammer is the use of advanced manufacturing technology, in light of the diversity of the signal spectrum, meet the signal shielding needs of different users, according to the actual situation of mobile communication carefully developed high-tech products, it can within the scope of the radius of 40 meters block GSM / CDMA / DCS / PHS / TD-SCDMA / WCDMA / CDMA2000 / WIFI / GPS, VHF, UHF signal, (can be adjusted according to different places shielding range), cell phone can't play and answer, and can't send or receive text messages, Wifi wireless router signal can't transfer, GPS location tracking, VHF UHF proof but it does not interfere with other electronic equipment, so as to guarantee the security of the required places, mobile phone left partition scope, can return to normal use, and without any damage to the human body.

Jamming Frequencies: - WIFI 2.4G : 2400 - 2500MHz
- GPS : 1570 - 1580MHz
- CDMA : 870 - 880MHz
- GSM : 930 - 960MHz
- DCS/PHS : 1805 - 1918MHz
- 3G : 2010 - 2145MHz
- 4G : 2300 - 2400MHz
- 4G LTE : 725 - 770MHz
- 4G Wimax : 2500 - 2700MHz
- Lojack : 167 - 175MHz
- UHF : 135 - 174MHz / 315MHz / 433MHz
- UHF : 400 - 470MHz / 420 - 480MHz / 450 - 470MHz

Other Parameters: Total power: 19W
Power supply: AC 220V / DC 12V
Operating temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Operating humidity 5% ~ 80%
Weight: 3200g
Dimensions : 350 x 140 x 51mm
Disturbance radius: 1 - 40 meters(adjustable)

Packing Lists: 1 * Desktop signal jammer
1 * AC charger
1 * Car cigarette lighter charger
8 * Antennas

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

High end jammers

Hackman George 2018-06-21

To be honest, when I saw the picture of the product in the store, I thought it was a high-end jammer here, and when I received the package, it proved my vision.

Average rating:

Wonderful modeling design

Cokeham Debra 2018-04-07

Its delicate design is embodied in every detail. The perfect curve and concave and convex design make it appear more high-end. This is the most addictive jammer I've ever seen in almost any jammer store.

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