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Hand-held Mobile Phone Blocker Jamming CDMA GSM 3G WIFI2.4G GPSL1 Frequencies

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Total power: 5W
Weight: 900g
Dimensions: 230 x 90 x 50mm

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There is no doubt that it is one of the most powerful portable jammer in the world. It combines the characteristics of many kinds of signal jammers and can be blocked all powerful cellular frequency bands. It can provide you with good privacy for any outdoor activities, because its powerful output power reaches 5W, jamming frequency range and radius range. And the jamming radius up to 20 meters. In the similar products of handheld jammer, its many advantages put it far ahead. It has become one of the most popular signal jamming devices in the jammer market.

As a handheld powerful jammers, it not only have a wide range of frequencies, including CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G, 4G and WIFI / GPS. In addition, the mobile jammer is an optional unit. In other words, the user can choose to allow one or more frequencies to operate. Set ON or OFF for all single frequencies without interfering with the operation of others. This is also an important characteristic of it.Usually suitable for hospitals, Banks, churches, conference room in the classroom, especially the police, the bomb disposal team, special police, military security forces, anti-terrorism forces checkpoint officials, etc., these types of law enforcement officers from existing portable radio frequency interference solution of deployment of a state, benefit, they can more effectively implement law enforcement procedures, in order to reduce the criminal reveal that information.

Features and Advantages: - Inside cooling fans and heat sink design ensure the device to work continuously.
- Selecting the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, it is the most secure battery among the global large capacity batteries currently. Battery can be replaced easily
- Antenna can be hidden or exposed
- Configured to block six different frequency bands continuously or simultaneously. Separate switch for each bandwidth a working LED

Jamming Frequencies: - CDMA : 851 - 894MHz
- GSM : 1920 - 1990MHz
- DCS : 1805 - 1880MHz
- 3G : 2110 - 2170MHz
- 4G : 725 - 775MHz
- GPS : 1570 - 1580MHz
- WiFi 2.4GHz : 2400 - 2500MHz

Other Parameters: Jamming radius: Up to 20 meters (depending on the signal strength in the given area)
Total power: 5W
Power supply: AC 110 - 240V / DC 12V
Battery: 3000mA/h
Operating humidity: 5% ~ 80%
Working temperature: -20°C ~ +65°C
Weight : 900g
Dimensions: 230 x 90 x 50mm

Packing List: 1 * Handheld cell phone jammer
1 * AC power adapter
1 * Car charger
1 * Portable arm package
6 * Antennas

Note: - Be sure to connect all the antennae before the power supply is switch on
- Try to recharge the device only once battery is run-out when you get the device in the first time
- With the increase of charging electricity, charging indication lightturns dim and finally goes off once it is fully charged
- Don't put the jammer into the water or fire to avoid using in the bad Condition like over-wet, over-hot, high voltage and high magnetism
- Any sealed mark on the machine tore is invalid
- Antennae shall be put vertical to the ground to get more efficient jamming performance

Customer Reviews

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Powerful And Portable

Boss Karan 2021-01-21

I am a hospital worker. By using this type of jammer in hospitals, it is possible to prevent damage to the human body caused by cell phone use and medical equipment failure. At the same time, I don't have to worry about the ringing of the cell phone that is brought to the patients at night.

Average rating:

Fast Shipping Logistics

Yadav Santosh 2020-09-28

This was the fastest of all my online shopping experiences. Fast delivery eliminated my expectations but the equipment was great and the functionality was stronger than I thought.

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