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Shipping & Return


While we provide customers with high-quality disruptors, we also provide fast transportation methods. We do our best to meet customer needs and provide customers with a better shopping experience. Before getting the interference product you need, you need to pay first. Once your payment is received and confirmed, we will arrange shipment immediately if the product order is in stock at our warehouse. And the factory's products are usually shipped within 24 to 48 hours. After the completion of the arrangement, you can deliver your package within 4 to 7 days (depending on your country and region).


Warranty: We are in relation to products that we sell, according to where it is described in the warranty card, we guarantee in the range of manufacturer's warranty. Commodity also does not have the manufacturer's warranty, it will be considered as our warranty.

Warranty period: The warranty period begins when the jammers product arrives in your hands. Our company guarantees one year. But the initial failure of the product, in accordance with the provisions of the following:

Signal blockers to become the subject of returned goods • exchange
1.Signal jammers on the delivery of one commodity, pollution, corruption has occurred
2.If the confirmation e-mail with the different jammers at the time the order has arrived
3.Commodity there was a commodity specification on the obvious deficiencies

Signal jammers that do not qualify for the return • exchange

1.Case by the circumstances of the customer commodity exchange and returned goods (color or size)
2.By the responsibility of the customer, in the case of a product defect place such as scratches or damage occurs
3.If you are removing the product tag

Within 30 days from the returned goods acceptance period commodity delivery date
If you deliver is divided in our circumstances, and within 30 days from the final product delivery date.

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