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High quality handheld portable jammer for sale

Admin Posted on 2019-04-13

With the improvement of the level of technology, various types of mobile phones have appeared one after another, bringing great convenience to people's daily life,also providing a lot of entertainment for our spare time, so that more and more people can not without the mobile phone. Therefore, whenever and wherever we can always see the phone appear before us.

However, some places where mobile phones are not allowed, continuous calls can only cause people to worry and generate a lot of noise pollution, which requires a cell phone jammer to bring peace to our location. Then the hand-held mobile phone jammer is very convenient in every place where the mobile phone is prone to nuisance, and it becomes a choice of people.

handheld portable jammers.

This 8-band portable jammer is currently the most popular interference device on the market. The newly designed portable wireless signal jammer is in the ABS case of the Jammer with a nylon cover for easy portability. In the shielding range, it strongly interferes with 2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI2.4G 5.8GHz, GPSL1-L5, signal and Walkie-Talkie, UHF400, VHF130MHz, CDMA450 signal band types.

If you have such a device in your hand, there is hardly anything that infringes on your privacy or breaks the confidentiality of your location within 20 meters of you. Even the most advanced tracking, eavesdropping, eavesdropping and other anti-privacy technologies will not function properly if they are within the scope of this product.

In addition, we have other types of handheld signal jammers, as well as portable jammers, WiFi jammers, portable remote cotrol GSM jammers and more. People only need to come here, they can get the desired handheld signal jammer according to their requirements.

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High Quality Multi-Functional LOJACK UHF VHF WIFI5G 433 315 MHz Cell Jammer

The new developed 8 antenna adjustable 3G 4G cell phone signal jammer in the market and can interfere with multiple frequency bands and have adjustable interference distance. The interference radius is up to 40 meters. When operating or adjusting any frequency band without affecting the operation of other frequency bands, it can be used in automobiles.


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