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Hand Held Wireless Portable Signal Detector Blocks Eavesdropping

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Weight: 300g
Dimensions: 120 x 62 x 22 mm

Product Code: EO010101US

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As the technology of wireless tapping grows, the performance of such devices are also being promoted. They are more and more difficult to be detected with their small size, low emitting power, complicated modulation, wide range, high speed, remote controllability and conceal ability.

TG-007A wireless cellular phone detector is one of most advanced portable wireless signal detectors. This portable jammer device is to send the audio or video signal through electromagnetic waves, and then concisely determine the location of the working tapping device in the targeted venue, it has good electromagnetic compatibility, small and portable,very popular among the people.

Product advantages: - Professional, sensitive, with modularly threshold and wide detecting frequency range.
- Sound and light alarm indicator makes it easy to use.
- Applicable to military, government, business and other venues.
- Good electromagnetic compatibility.
- Small and portable.

Other Parameters: Detecting frequency range : 1MHz-6000MHz
Main detecting frequency range : 800MHz-2000MHz
Working range : >70Db
Detection sensitivity : ≤0.05mw (in main detecting frequency range)
Indicator : 10 grades of LED light indicators / tonal modification sound indicator
Battery : 9V packed cell
Size : 120×62×22mm

Packing List: 1 * Signal detector
1 * The charger

Note: The machine should be held in hand. The SMA socket on the top is for antenna. The two oval holes on the upper right of the face board are for loudspeaker. In the middle of the left side are 10 grades of LED indicators, the first of which indicates the power and the others indicate the strength of detected signals. The last one shows the strongest signal. The knob at the bottom is for power and detecting threshold modulation.

Customer Reviews

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Small And Portable!

Anderson George 2018-11-23

It looks like a mini phone, the price is very affordable and convenient to carry. I like it very much.

Average rating:

So Cheap

Jonathan Daller 2019-3-18

As a wireless cellular phone detector, this price is really too cheap, the most important thing is the full-featured, when not in use, I put it directly in the pocket, it is too convenient.