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Wifi jammer for sale

The new market wifi jammer is designed to cut off wireless LAN networks with a radius of 100 to 200 meters. This device can transmit WIFI frequency, 2400-2483MHz white noise signal, and cut off all wireless networks. Even Bluetooth communication is cut off when the WLJ100 takes action. This unit helps prevent "disclosure" of confidential information by unauthorized persons.

Most of our wifi signal jammer is two-in-one or multi-function jammers, which can not only block the signal of the wireless LAN network but also interfere with the frequency of mobile phones and other types of wireless transceivers, such as cameras. Besides interfering with 2G GSM CDMA at the same time In addition to the DCS PCS signal, it also has the ability to shield the WIFI 5G signal. Independent band outputs, it's up to you which band you want to choose, if you don't want to block one or two bands you can turn them off and leave the others on.