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Desktop Portable Recording Jammers Against Wireless Tapping Device

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Weight: 6kg
Dimensions: 260 x 160 x 160 mm

Product Code: EO00016US

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This desktop recording jammer(camouflage version of air purifier) is the star product of recording jammers. Relative to other products in the series, it has higher output of interference signal power, Longer shielding distance reachs 2-3meters, More extensive coverage more than 95%,far superior to similar products on the market. Suitable for leaders office, small meeting room and other occasions.

Product advantages: - Stronger shielding: compared with other products in the series, this desktop portable recording jammer (camouflage version) produces more interference signal power, so the noise signal picked up is stronger, and the shielding effect is stronger.
- longer shielding distance: compared with other products, the shielding distance is longer. In general, the shielding distance of good recording equipment can reach about 2-3 meters, and the shielding distance of some recording equipment, such as some mobile phones and microbugs, can even reach more than 3-5 meters.
- More extensive coverage: for the current mainstream of all kinds of recording equipment, the camouflage version of recording shielding device can basically shield, its coverage can reach more than 95%, far higher than the similar products on the market.

Other Parameters: Product model: mdpb-s108
Air purifier function: support
Camouflage: air purifier
Interference mode: acoustic interference
Interference intensity: greater than 90dB (1 meter)
Audible sound: none
Shielding distance: 2-3 meters
Shielding Angle: horizontal 120°/ vertical 120°
Shielding strength: adjustable at 3 level
Remote control distance: 10 meters
Power supply mode: adapter
Working hours: unlimited (adapter)
Operating temperature: 0℃~45℃
Working voltage: 12V
Operating current: 2A
Shell material: metal acrylic alloy
Weight: 6 kg
Size: 260 * 160 * 160 mm
Appearance customization: support

Packing List: 1 * Adapter
1 * Remote control
1 * Power cord

Customer Reviews

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Very Great!!!

Jones Jeffrey 2019-05-13

This product has been in use for 2 months, the perfect design makes it look like an air purifier. What's amazing is that it also has the function of recording blocking. Place it in the company office, can prevent others from recording, eavesdropping, effective protect company secrets.