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Where is the manufacturer of the wifi jammer?

Welcome to the jammer purchase store, professional wifi jammer equipment, jammer purchase not only the jammer sales store, there are also professional wifi jammer manufacturers behind, we can provide equipment with various frequency signals, we can according to your requirements Customize your jammer.

November 2020 Signal Wifi

Can you provide me with a customized jammer service?

Yes, thank you for your trust. Our shop not only provides some existing cell phone jammer, but also provides customized services according to your requirements. In terms of products and services, you only need to submit your needs to our customer service.

November 2020 Signal Tracker

Can I use a GPS jammer when charging?

If your GPS jammer is a direct current (dc) device, you need to plug it into a usable power source, and that's it. It can also be used without a built-in battery, such as a car GPS jammer, which needs to be plugged into the car to lighten the cigarette The socket can be used normally.

November 2020 Signal Church

Is the GSM jammer a mobile phone signal jammer?

GSM signal is a kind of mobile phone signal, so GSM jammer belongs to mobile phone jammer. If you only want to block the GSM signal, you only need to select a GSM jammer that will only interfere with the GSM signal of the device, but if you want to block other mobile phone signals in addition to the GSM signal, such as 3G, 4G or even 5G signals , Then I suggest you buy a GSM 3G 4G 5G signal mobile phone jammer.

November 2020 Signal Church

Will high-power jammers harm our bodies?

A high power jammer means that it can interfere with more signal frequency bands and has a wider range of interference. But like other signal jammers, it is not harmful to the human body. It will only help the devices that you want to prevent signal interference, such as mobile phones, and provide you with a good environment.

November 2020 Signal Room

What are the requirements for mobile phone signal jammers to be used in prisons?

In recent years, prisons, labor camps, and detention centers across the country have invested funds to build or rebuild cell phone jammer systems. It is hoped that illegal use of mobile phones will be eliminated, mobile phone management in supervision sites will be strengthened, and supervision work will be carried out smoothly.

November 2020 Signal cheat

How to choose a high-performance mobile phone signal jammer?

As we all know, a good signal jammer needs to cover many aspects, not only the product has higher performance and better quality assurance, but it also has an affordable price, after all, there are many choices. Today’s market, but customers often want to choose the one that best suits their needs. This is also to achieve the most cost-effective consideration.

November 2020 Signal cheat

Will using a jammer affect my phone?

The cell phone jammer emits interference signals like the frequency that the mobile phone takes over. It just hinders the connection between the mobile phone and the base station so that the mobile phone is always in a state of no signal search, and it will never cause harm to the mobile phone!

November 2020 Signal cheat

Does the test room signal jammer also affect the amplifier?

Whether the test room signal jammer is effective depends on the environment around the test room and whether the quality of the test room signal jammer purchased is good. The test room environment is mainly to see if there are any base stations nearby. If there is a base station, it needs to be equipped with a little more shielding device.

November 2020 Signal cheat

What should I pay attention to when buying a mobile phone signal jammer?

Is there a base station near the school? In the process of construction, we often find that customers tell us that the signal jammer is not effective. 2G3G can be shielded, which means that the call signal can be shielded, but the 4G signal cannot be shielded. In fact, the power of each jammer is different. Generally, the power of 4G1 and 4G2 is about 2W, which means 33db.

November 2020 Signal church

Can the signal jammer pass through the wall?

Generally, the area of ​​the examination room is less than 100 square meters. The installed cell phone signal jammers are all low-power. Low-power products are only used in open and small areas. And the current test room cell phone jammer technology is very mature, only shielding the downlink , Does not shield the upstream.

November 2020 Signal room

Can I access the Internet after the school’s mobile phone is blocked?

The first way is to surf the Internet via mobile phone operator signals. As soon as the shielding device is turned on, the mobile phone cannot receive the operator's signal, which makes it impossible to make calls or text messages. Naturally, the Internet cannot be accessed, and the shielding is effective.

November 2020 Signal Wifi

How to use mobile phone signal jammer?

It is understood that GSM jammer on the market can limit cell phone signals to 500 meters away from the launching station. The shielding radius is adjustable, and the coverage area reaches more than 30 square meters. The mobile phone signal shielding device can only shield the mobile phone signal and does not affect other electronic equipment.

November 2020 Signal cheat

Why do factories like to install cell phone signal jammers?

The smart functions of mobile phones are now expanding. In addition to basic call and text messaging functions, they also have digital cameras, camcorders, voice recorders, More application functions such as Internet access. Why is it recommended to install cell phone jammer on the factory floor?

November 2020 Signal room

How far can the mobile phone signal jammer shield?

Another important factor is obstacles. If it is a metal material, it will be directly blocked; if it is a solid reinforced concrete wall, it will be attenuated by at least 10 times after penetration.

November 2020 Signal cheat

Are there any high-quality mobile jammers recommended to me?

Hand-held cell phone jammer is a kind of signal jammer for mobile phones, because the mobile phone frequency band is also one of the signal frequencies of mobile phone communication, but it has its unique characteristics.

October 2020 Signal drivng

Are there any 5G signal jammers on the market?

This is the mainstream of scientific and technological development. Therefore, 5G jammer has already appeared in 2020.

October 2020 Signal room

Can GPS jammers cause the car to go off track?

Car tracking is mainly GPS signal tracking, and GPS jammer will block GPS signals. This is a GPS system that cannot work properly, so it cannot track GPS tracking for our cars.

October 2020 Signal tracker

What is a good way to prevent children from indulging in mobile games?

Or, you can secretly install a cell phone jammer at home to block the signal of the cell phone and make it unable to work normally.

October 2020 Signal drivng

How to prevent sneak shots and video recordings in the hotel?

Once leaks are dangerous, a professional camera portable jammer that interferes with the video signal is needed. This way we will feel more at ease when we stay in a hotel.

October 2020 Signal Cheat

Should the state control the use of jammers?

The use of cell phone jammers proposed by the Lithgow Correctional Center has entered a new phase, and the communications agency Telecos is testing whether it should be fully tested.

October 2020 Signal Legal

What is the most popular mobile phone jammer in 2020? What are the functions?

As a professional signal jammer sales store, according to our data feedback and summary this year, the most popular cell phone jammer device in 2020 is the 8-antenna handheld mobile phone jammer.

October 2020 Signal Cheat

How to avoid cell phone jammers?

The cell phone jammer is a simple tool that can interfere with the signal on the radio frequency used by the mobile phone. Although effective in many situations, it can be very easy to avoid cell phone interference.

October 2020 Signal Tracker

How likely is it that a thief will use a Wifi jammer?

Although it has recently been suspected that jammers exist outside of Philadelphia, it is extremely unlikely that criminals will use wifi jammer to enter your home. Thefts are rarely premeditated or carefully planned.

October 2020 WiFi Room

How can jammers disable or affect your home’s wireless security system?

If potential thieves can determine the type of security system you have and the operating frequency of the wireless signal, then they may use signal jammer to disable or stop it.

October 2020 Signal WiFi

How to make a signal jammer at home?

I want to make a jammer by myself, but I don't know how to start it. Can you tell me how to make it in detail?

August 2020 Signal

Can use a wifi jammer prevent candidates from cheating on their phones?

In Italy, how to avoid this by sending text messages or taking test photos to cheat on college students?

November 2019 Wifi Cheat

Is it legal to use a WiFi jammer?

In some public places in Mexico, there is often a phenomenon that the mobile phone is out of service or the signal is unavailable. This is because the mobile phone signal is blocked. Is it legal to use signal blocking equipment in these places?

November 2019 Wifi Legal

Where can I buy a WiFi blocker?

Today, although it is illegal to interfere with devices using WiFi signals, they still sell well. Where can I buy them?

November 2019 Wifi

How to prevent sudden ringtones?

During a wedding, the phone rings every few minutes. This is a real problem, because sometimes the groom even forgets to turn off the phone. How to prevent this?

November 2019 Wifi

How to stop church members from using phones in churches?

The church is a sacred place, and the priest reminded the parishioners to turn off their mobile phones before the service started, but there are still some people who do not follow. How can this be prevented?

November 2019 Wifi

What affects the shielding radius of the WiFi jammer?

We know that the jamming effects of different wifi jammers are different. What factors will affect their jamming radius?

November 2019 Wifi

Why does the same WiFi jammker work better outdoors than indoors?

I tested the same jammer device indoors and outdoors at the same time, and found that the shielding radius outdoors is farther than indoor. What is the reason?

November 2019 Wifi

How can you prevent the government from tracking your location?

The District 9 Appeal Court just ruled that it was legal for a police to connect a GPS locator to your car in the driveway of a property, how can I prevent this tracking.

November 2019 Wifi Driving Legal

How can I mute the phone in my car?

Mobile phones are noisy and noisy everywhere in the car. I want to make the journey quieter. What should I do?

November 2019 Wifi

How to prevent people from talking on their phone while driving?

It is dangerous for people to speak with their mobile phones while driving, and it may even lead to major safety accidents. How to prevent this phenomenon?

November 2019 Wifi Driving

Is there a WiFi blocker that can block all phones?

From old 2G phones to the latest and most advanced 4G-compatible smartphones, and even new 5G signals that have appeared, is there any kind of interference device that can interfere with all of these bands?

November 2019 Wifi

What is a wifi blocker?

The company's wireless network system is attacked, and it is worried that it will cause losses to the company. What methods can be used to protect individuals or businesses from hackers?

November 2019 Wifi

What signals can a multi-band WiFi jammers block?

I want to buy a jammer that can block mobile phone, GPS, WiFi band at the same time, please help recommend one.

November 2019 Wifi

How to use WiFi jammer legally?

Jammers are not allowed in many places. How can I legally buy and use WiFi jamming equipment?

November 2019 Wifi

Does the wifi jammer affect the wireless home alarm?

How can a jammer be used to disable or prevent your wireless home security system?

November 2019 Wifi

How likely is a thief to use a WiFi jammer?

Many people in life buy WiFi jammers, so how likely is a thief to use this device for theft?

November 2019 Wifi

Can resist satellite positioning with a WiFi jammer?

The 24 satellites running by GPS (Global Positioning System) can find our location information all the time. Can the WiFi interference device simultaneously block the mobile phone signal and prevent the mobile phone from positioning?

November 2019 Wifi

How can I prevent others from tracking my location?

GPS systems are very common in life, which makes GPS trackers cheap but hate high-end. Can a WiFi blocker block such trackers?

November 2019 Wifi Tracker

Who will choose to buy a WiFi blocker?

The wireless signal blocker will emit radio waves that prevent the mobile phone from connecting to the wireless network. However, it is not legal to use signal interference equipment. In reality, who needs these devices?

November 2019 Wifi Driving

Can keep parents off the phone with a WiFi blocker?

Mobile phones have become a communication tool between people, but at the same time, they have blocked face-to-face communication between people. How can we let people put their phones down?

November 2019 Wifi

Is there any risk in using a WiFi signal jammer?

In many countries, except for government departments, the use of jammers is not allowed. Is there any risk in using such equipment in private?

November 2019 Wifi

Are many churches using WiFi signal jammers?

I heard that many churches in France are using WiFi blockers. Is this true and for what purpose?

November 2019 Wifi

Are there any differences the jammers installed in French prisons?

Asia produces most signal jammers, for example, in Mumbai, India. So what are the differences between jammers installed in prisons?

November 2019 Wifi

What are the benefits of using a WiFi blocker?

In life, I find that many people are using WiFi jammers. Is there any benefit to using such jamming devices?

November 2019 Wifi Church

What should I pay attention to when buying WiFi jammers?

Different signal jammers have different sizes and functions. What should we pay attention to when purchasing WiFi jammers?

November 2019 Wifi

What is the relationship between waves and WiFi blockers?

In classical physics, wave is a kind of interference that transfers energy. Does this have anything to do with our WiFi jamming device?

November 2019 Wifi

The relationship between wave and wirless jammer?

In the physics world, interference means that two or more waves meet in space. Is this the same as the WiFi blocker we use?

November 2019 Wifi Room

What is wifi signal interference?

What is wifi signal interference and how does it work?

November 2019 Wifi

Why is the WiFi jammer illegal?

In the United States and most of the world, it is illegal to sell, promote, distribute or operate WiFi signal jammers, mainly because of what?

November 2019 Wifi Legal

Why is a WiFi blocker used for mobile phones?

Mobile phones have become a part of our lives, and we can hardly survive without them, so why use a WiFi blocker to intercept mobile phone signals?

December 2019 Wifi

How to identify wifi blocker?

A mobile phone is a tool that I must communicate with every day, but there are often no signals or sudden service interruptions. Can you identify if someone is using a WiFi blocker nearby?

December 2019 Wifi

Will block cellphone signal boosters by a WiFi jammer?

In order to enhance the signal strength of mobile phones, sometimes I use mobile phone signal boosters, WiFi signal jammers, will it affect the mobile phone signal booster?

December 2019 Wifi

How to stop wifi signal jammer?

I suspect someone around me uses a WiFi jammer, so how can I stop it?

December 2019 Wifi

Will affect the GPS system with WiFi blocker?

Many of us use our GPS regularly, and rescuers rely on them to save lives. Will using a WiFi signal jammer affect the GPS system?

December 2019 Wifi

Is the gps system easily broken?

Many systems use GPS, such as banking and financial networks, communication networks, power distribution systems, and so on. Will GPS be artificially attacked?

December 2019 Wifi Legal

Philippines combat human trafficking by wifi blockers ?

The application of WiFi jammers is very convenient. It is said that in the Philippines, the immigration bureau prevents the airport trafficking by installing WiFi jammers at the airports. Is this true?

December 2019 Wifi

Can installing WiFi jammers stop espionage?

GPS devices are popular in daily life, but they also have negative effects such as espionage, illegal tracking, is there any way to stop this illegal behavior?

December 2019 Wifi Legal

How to choose to buy WiFi jammers ?

I want to buy a WiFi jammer, but I do n’t know which one to buy, because I want to interfere with the judgement of the mobile phone GPS, can you introduce it?

December 2019 Wifi

Are there any examples of the WiFi jammer?

I have always wanted to buy a WiFi signal jammer that can be installed in the bedroom, but I haven't made up my mind. Is there an application example of a WiFi jammer?

December 2019 Wifi Driving

Are there any specific examples using WiFi jammer?

Churches, funerals, temples, cars, schools, etc., the use of mobile phones has caused a lot of trouble. In India, Gurjit Singh called for the use of WiFi jammers.

December 2019 Wifi Church

Can I use wifi blockers to protect personal information

Hello everyone! Can someone tell me about using a WiFi jammer? Can I personally use it to protect my information?

December 2019 Wifi Church

How to disable a WiFi jammer ?

Hello everyone, there is a lot of news about the use of WiFi jammers on the Internet, just in case how to stop these devices from working.

December 2019 Wifi Cheat

Can I stop annoying cellphone noise by wifi jammer?

I want to know what these WiFi blockers really do. Can it stop those annoying phone noise calls?

December 2019 Wifi Tracker

How do I stop employees from using their phones?

Many workers in my company use mobile phones during work and can even squat for an hour in the toilet. Can I organize them to use mobile phones?

December 2019 Wifi Room

Can I install two WiFi blockers in one factory ?

Hi guys, can I install two WiFi jammers in one factory? If so, how will they work together? Will they affect each other?

December 2019 Wifi Room

How to avoid cell phone monitoring by a wifi jammer?

Hi guys, I read some news recently and feel that my phone is very insecure. Will our phone be monitored by others?

December 2019 Wifi Room

How can I prevent surveillance by my parents?

Hello everyone! Recently, I discovered that my parents are monitoring me with some high-tech tools. Are there any tools that can help me prevent this?

December 2019 Wifi Room

Can I stop the alarm with WiFi jammers?

I want to know if I can disable the alarm using a WiFi jammer, and if so, what do I need to pay attention to?

December 2019 Wifi Tracker

Why many people use WiFi blockers?

Hi guys, I found a question, why do many people like to use WiFi jammer to disable GPS, isn't it easy to turn off the GPS program of their mobile phone?

December 2019 Wifi Tracker

How to stop being tracked?

Hello, I ’ve had a terrible thing recently. I always feel that I ’m being tracked. Whether I ’m driving or walking, I can always see people nearby, and the police wo n’t actively handle such things. What should I do?

December 2019 Wifi Driving

How do I stop mobile phone calls in a movie theater?

Hi everyone, I hate these people who use mobile phones in cinemas to talk loudly. Is there any way to stop them?

December 2019 Wifi

Hidden signals from library phones?

Recently, when I went to the school library, a very strange thing happened. My mobile phone had almost no signal, and I missed a few calls from friends.

December 2019 Wifi

Cell phone signal disappeared in exam?

Recently, our school has an exam. Unlike in previous years, during the exam, the closer to the classroom, the weaker the mobile phone signal, or even disappeared. What is going on?

December 2019 Wifi Room

How to stop employees from using their phones in the toilet?

Recently, I noticed a very serious problem for the company. How can I stop employees from spending a lot of time in the bathroom using their mobile phones, browsing videos, or logging in to Twitter?

December 2019 Wifi Room

How to stop children from using phones for a long time

My child likes to use his mobile phone very much, watch videos on his mobile phone all day, let him put down his mobile phone, but he doesn't listen to me at all.

December 2019 Wifi

Is school coverage WiFi harmful to the body?

The entire area of our school is covered with WiFi signals, which is really convenient, but recently when reading related articles...

December 2019 Wifi

How to prevent students from using mobile phones in class?

I am a new teacher. Because of little experience, students are not afraid of me during class. Many students even use mobile phones during my class...

December 2019 Wifi

Why mobile phone signals in churches are weak?

When I was praying in church recently, I found that my cell phone signal was very weak, sometimes there was no signal...

December 2019 Wifi Church

Why is there no phone signal on the train?

I experienced a very strange thing. On the trains to other cities in the past few times, I often find that I cannot receive calls and send messages without a cell phone signal. What is the reason?

December 2019 Wifi

How do I get rid of someone else's tracking?

Hi, everybody! Recently, I discovered that I was being followed by my parents while at school. How do they do it, and how can I prevent it?

January 2020 Wifi Tracker

What wifi jammers work better?

Hello everyone, I don't know if this question is accurate. I want to know, which WiFi jammer is better?

January 2020 Wifi Church

How to find and stop hidden spy camera?

Hello everyone, now I always suspect that a spy camera is monitoring my every move. Is there any high-tech equipment that can help me find it?

January 2020 Wifi

Is there a WiFi jammer that can interfere with all GPS signals?

Hi guys, as far as I know the GPS system operates with many different signals, so I wonder if there is a WiFi jammer that can block them all?

January 2020 Wifi

How to stop neighbors from loud TV broadcasts?

Hi everyone, my neighbor's loud working TV makes me angry, how can I stop him?

January 2020 Wifi

I am considering buying a WiFi jammer, what do I need to know about the jammer?

Hello everyone! I am considering buying a WiFi jammer. I want to know what factors I need to pay attention to and which type to choose?

January 2020 Wifi

Can using WiFi jammers force the plane to land?

Hello everyone! I bought a WiFi jammer that can interfere with the GPS frequency band. Can he affect the flight of the aircraft?

January 2020 Wifi Tracker

Can block cell phone signals in cars with WiFi blockers?

Hi, everybody! I know I can use a WiFi jammer in my car to avoid distracted driving, but this time it affects other people ’s cell phone signals in their car?

January 2020 Wifi Driving

How does wifi jammer interfere with mobile phone work?

Hello everyone, can someone tell me in detail how the WiFi jammer works, and how does it interfere with mobile phone signals?

January 2020 Wifi

What is the main purpose of wifi jammers ?

Hello everyone, I would like to ask what is the purpose of the WiFi jammer, can it only shield the WiFi signal?

January 2020 Wifi Tracker

How to stop spy GPS tracker tracking

In movies, we often see agents tracking targets through various high-tech micro-tracking devices, which looks terrible...

January 2020 Wifi Legal

Wi-Fi signal intrusion into smart devices is dangerous

If you have seen some robot movies, you may often see artificial intelligence systems controlling human intelligent technology tools...

January 2020 Wifi

Whether WiFi signals are harmful to human health

Many electromagnetic waves now emit harmful radiation, but many people are not aware of this danger. For example, we have used smartphones for a long time...

January 2020 Wifi

How to stop the disadvantages of smartphones

As we all know, with the continuous updating and replacement of smart phones, our lives have become more and more convenient...

January 2020 Wifi

How can I stop my child from using the phone for a long time?

For parents, in addition to their children's health, parents pay more attention to their academic performance and intellectual development...

January 2020 Wifi

WiFi is stealing our data wallet

Our lives are full of a variety of smart devices, which greatly facilitate our lives. Nowadays, we do n’t have to bring a wallet when making a payment...

January 2020 Wifi

How to prevent the recording pen from eavesdropping on privacy?

Hello, I recently checked out some articles about the voice recorder. When I talk to others, you may talk about something or understand privacy...

January 2020 Wifi

How to make a simple WiFi jammer?

I want to create my own WiFi jammer so that I can adjust it to my wishes and use it at home. Is it simple to make?

January 2020 Wifi

How to stop children from texting in the middle of the night?

Hi, in recent days, I found that my daughter always lights up in the middle of the night, secretly texting in the bed, even for an hour or two, is there any way to stop it?

January 2020 Wifi

Can I use a wifi jammer at school?

Hello, I am a school teacher. Recently I found that many students play mobile phones in class, and even use mobile phones to send answers during exams. Can I install WiFi jammers in the classroom?

January 2020 Wifi Room

Whether the wifi jammer can resist the tracker?

Hello everyone, I suspect that I have been tracked by some kind of tracking device. I want to know, can the WiFi jammer I bought resist others tracking?

January 2020 Wifi Tracker

How much does a wifi jammer cost?

Hi guys, I want to buy a WiFi jammer that can interfere with mobile phone bands. How much is it worth?

January 2020 Wifi

How to stop tall and high satellite signals?

Hello everyone, there is a problem that has been bothering me. Can I stop satellite positioning, and if so, what is it?

January 2020 Wifi Tracker

How to stop gps tracking?

Hello, I recently heard some information about GPS tracker. This high-tech tool can track and locate my information at all times. How can I stop it?

January 2020 Wifi Tracker

How to stop constant annoying calls?

Hello everyone, my name is Jimmy. Recently, I have been receiving some sales calls and spam messages on my mobile phone. Is there any way to stop it?

January 2020 Wifi

How could I prevent bathroom spy camera?

Hello everyone, the bathroom of my newly rented room has a mini spy camera, but I ca n’t find it. I ’m scared. Is there any way to stop it?

January 2020 Wifi Room

At what temperature can WiFi jammers work?

Hello everyone, I recently wanted to buy a jammer product. Can it work in high and low temperature environments?

January 2020 Wifi