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Handheld Pocket Mini GPS Jammer GSM 3G WIFI Blockers

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Weight: 290g
Dimensions: 95 x 48 x 18mm

Product Code: EO03101US

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Our products all adopt the patch and high-density integrated circuit resistance, with advanced performance, stable work, ideal is to strengthen information security products, to protect your whereabouts secret and confidential information.

The pocket GPS jammer is small jamming device that are extremely portable and easy to use outdoors, jamming radius up to 10 meters. The main jamming signal types include GSM+3G,GPS and WIFI. As you can see, it's the size of a mobile phone, easy to hide, you can put it in your pocket, without being noticed by others. The shape is small, but the interference is powerful. With built-in battery and removable, in order to facilitate your use, we provide you with AC charger and car charger.

Jamming Frequencies: - GSM : (930 - 960MHz)
- 3G : (2010 - 2145MHz)
- GPS : (1570 - 1580MHz)
- WIFI 2.4G : (2400 - 2500MHz)

Other Parameters: Jamming radius : up 10 meters (It depends on the local signal strength)
Charging mode : AC power adapter / car charger
Power supply : AC 110 ~ 240V / DC 4.2V
Battery : 1200mA
Weight : 290g
Dimensions : 95 x 48 x 18mm

Packing List: 1 * Portable pocket jammer
1 * AC charger
1 * Car charger

Customer Reviews

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Pocket Design Good For Carry

Ramesh Mehta 2018-05-12

First of all, it's the same size as a mobile phone and it's very cool. It also determines the characteristics that it is easy to carry and use.

Average rating:

Perfect Jammers For Theatre

Beaul Mitor 2018-04-27

The theater will have a variety of annoying things, such as cell phone noise, so I need it to provide a good environment for me in the theater. It does.