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Advantages and disadvantages of 5G networks

Admin Posted on 2019-10-07

Nowadays, 5G networks are widely spread in various countries. So what is the 5G network? What advantages does it have compared to 4G?

The so-called 5g network refers to the fifth-generation network in the development of mobile communication networks. Compared with the previous four-generation mobile network (4G), the 5g network is more powerful in the actual application process, and its theoretical transmission speed reaches every 8 seconds. 1GB, which is dozens of times that of 4G mobile networks. For example, a 1G movie can be downloaded in less than 8 seconds. With the birth of 5G technology, the era of sharing 3D movies, games, and ultra high definition (UHD) programs with smart terminals is coming to us.

5G network has the high-speed transmission speed, the stability of 5G network communication technology transmission, and the high-frequency transmission technology of 5G network communication technology is also of great significance. The 5G network communication technology not only improves the transmission speed, but also has outstanding progress in the stability of transmission. High-frequency transmission technology is the core technology of 5G network communication technology, and high-frequency transmission technology is being studied at the same time in many countries.

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The 5G network belongs to a new type of network, and its penetration rate is still relatively low. Further research and development are still needed. For any kind of network, network security issues are very important influencing factors. The same is true for 5g networks. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to 5g network security issues, actively solve 5g network security problems, and grasp its development direction to achieve 5g. The more ideal development of the network, so that it can be more and more widely used in the future.

However, 5G networks also face many security issues, such as the vulnerability of virtual network technologies, 5G networks that make computing storage technologies and devices face more severe challenges, network business security issues, etc., of course, can also be shielded with GSM 5G jammer. Protect your information privacy with the surrounding gsm 3g 4g 5g mobile phone signal.

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