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Gsm jammers are widely used in the market

Admin Posted on 2019-10-11

GSM jammers, also known as a mobile phone blocking program, is a device that prevents it from establishing a wireless connection in a certain environment and forms a certain protection area. During the work period, all mobile phone signals in the protected area are blocked and in a network-free state, which is mainly applicable to places where mobile phones and smart phones are prohibited.

GSM jammers are mainly targeted at mobile phone networks. Some GSM blockers may also interfere with other networks under certain circumstances, such as WiFi, GPS, LOJACK, etc. The interference range of the gsm jammer depends on its own model, and most gsm signal jammers range from 5-40 meters.

GSM jammers are useful in places where you need to be quiet, or in other areas where mobile phones are not allowed. For example, using a jammer in a movie theater can prevent a mobile phone from ringing during a movie, or some teenagers using a mobile phone to chat.

For the military and the degree of positiveness, the interference equipment they use is large, the shielding range is wide, and some even have a disturbance distance of several kilometers. The power is strong, but the relative price is relatively high.

portable gps gsm jammers

In many places where you don't want others to use your mobile phone, you will choose to place a mobile phone interferometer, such as a school or a church. In some countries, many train cars are divided into a mobile phone area and a rest area. In fact, it is very simple, that is, a jammer is placed between the compartments in the rest area, shielding the surrounding mobile phone signals, preventing the mobile phone from generating too much noise and affecting other people's rest.

The handheld GSM signal jammer is small and light, can interfere with GSM 3G signals, and can also shield other frequency bands, such as GPS, WIFI and 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz remote frequency common signals, you can choose according to your needs. The style of the broken signal.

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