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Drone jammer scrambler kit

In recent years, the drone market has grown rapidly. With the large-scale R&D and production of manufacturers such as DJI, Jifei, and Zero Intelligent Control, commercial drones are very cost-effective and more and more popular. However, the domestic supervision of drones, especially "black flying" drones, is still in a blank state. The proportion of black drones flying in the air is about 90%, which causes great hidden dangers to air supervision and air safety.

Hundreds of accidents occurred in the second half of 2016 alone, such as forced suspension of flights, large-scale events falling, and injuring people. There have been recent flight accidents in Canada and Ningbo Heifei high-speed injuries. It can be seen that the black flying drones hide a lot of potential safety hazards. In the face of the blank of black flying drone supervision, only a strong drone jammer can be taken to ensure the safety of the air.

As an excellent security equipment supplier, Jammer mart independently develops a drone signal jammer, which can interfere with all GNSS satellite positioning signals, including GPS/Beidou/GLONASS/Galileo; The ISM 2.4G and ISM 5.8G frequency bands commonly used by drones are used for interference shielding, forcing the remote control, image transmission positioning, and signal interruption of the drone to achieve the effect of forced landing/returning/hovering. Communication has independently developed UAV jammers with powerful functions and long jamming distances, which can reach 1-5 kilometers.