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Drone scrambler for sale

The newly upgraded version of the trolley box mobile portable drone jammer EOTX-WRJ03US drone intercepting system built-in GPS, Beidou, 2.4G, 5.8G frequency band interception module can cover almost all models of drones.

All drones that enter the coverage of this model cannot obtain satellite positioning information. At the same time, the control signal and image transmission between the drone and the ground controller The signal was cut off, forcing the drone to land.

Ultra-remote interception, the drone jammer system uses high-power LDMOS devices, with frequency correction and fast frequency sweeping technology, which greatly provides equipment interception effect
The actual interception distance can reach 1500-3000 meters, and the interception effect industry is leading.
High efficiency and working continuously for 90 minutes. Using high-power dies -cast aluminum -sarcasters to ensure that the device can run stably. This device has greatly improved the efficiency of equipment by requiring high-efficiency LDMOS devices and cooperating with RF engineers.