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Drone jammer scrambler rifle

With the rampant illegal activities carried out by drones in recent years, portable drone jammer and equipment have gradually attracted attention, and anti-drone electromagnetic jamming guns are one of the effective solutions. In addition to this "electromagnetic gun", the anti-UAV base station electromagnetic interference system can automatically search and attack UAV targets 24 hours a day by setting up "electronic fences" in important areas. The principle is to suppress the radio remote control signals of drones and other aircraft in multiple frequency bands, and at the same time interfere with the GPS, BD, and other satellite navigation signals of the drone, so that the drone loses operational control.

It forces the drone to land by interfering with the communication link between the drone and the remote control. The operator only needs to aim the gun within the target range, and the operation is more familiar and convenient. One of the highlights of this product is that it is suitable for single-person operations. The staffing requirement is low, and it supports two power supply modes: battery and adapter, which can quickly replace the battery and prolong the working time.