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Portable Handheld Drone Jammer with BUSHNELL 3-9X40 HD Telescope

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Weight: 5.5kg
Dimensions: 58*22*6cm

Product Code: EOTXWRJ02US

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The TX-XQ-01 drone jammer gun can forcefully land or return the drone within a radius of 1000-1500 meters, and the ground cannot operate the drone, and the drone cannot transmit the detected pictures and videos to the ground.Single channel modular design for easy operation and maintenance.

Product Features: - High-power total 80W powerful countermeasure, single-channel modular design is easy to operate and maintain
- The actual test countermeasure distance radius is 1000 to 1500 meters (depending on the actual operating environment)
- The counter frequency band includes 1.5G, 2.4G, 5.8G, 900MHz, and can be controlled by one channel. After selecting the counter frequency band, trigger the switch to immediately turn on the counter effect.
- Small size, light weight and easy to carry
- Built-in replacement battery or external battery, both are half an hour of use time (selected by the customer)
- The alloy shell is IP65 waterproof, dustproof, heat-resistant, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which can easily adapt to bad outdoor weather

Other Parameters: power : ≤240W
Color : Black
Voltage : 24V/5A
Working temperature : -40℃~75℃

Packing List: 1 * Drone gun jammer (including BUSHNELL 3-9X40 HD telescope)
1 * AC charger

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saurytgh 2022-7-22

The shield is very far away, I really like the included telescope, it is very clear and can be aimed quickly. Switch device, trigger switch, forcing the drone to make a forced landing or return home

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