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Counter drone scrambler equipment

Interfering with or deceiving the UAV’s radio connection or GPS is currently a practical and effective active countermeasure. drone jammer will cause the UAV to return to its starting position, leave, land or crash. Unfortunately, unless you do this, you cannot tell. This drone countermeasure will also affect other nearby radio and GPS connections, and the drone cannot be executed in unmanned flight mode. This also needs to be approved by the local government. However, in addition to removing the drone, jamming or deception does provide an additional advantage: it leaves the possibility of eventually tracking the pilot.

wireless drone signal jammer

Using a drone to remove the intruding drone can reduce the risk of a crash. However, it needs to be prepared to respond to intruders 24 hours a day. In addition, anti-terrorism drones must be very powerful. These two factors make this countermeasure cost unacceptable for most organizations.