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Anti drone warfare

It is understood that due to the small size of the UAV, it can fly at low altitudes, while the current civil aviation radar cannot detect low-level UAVs. In order to prevent it from affecting civil aviation aircraft, major airports adopt UAV countermeasures and use physical principles to shoot down UAVs without causing damage and reducing the number of black flights. Individuals, companies, detention centers and other fields have improved confidentiality and safety, and let the black drones make an emergency landing. Therefore, its listing attracted the attention of customers.

Drone jammer is mainly used in airports, public prosecution systems, prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, confidential agencies, troops, large-scale competitions, concerts, important conferences, government agencies, anti-terrorism fields and other important locations and facilities, which require space confidentiality , The area where the drone is controlled, and the scope of application of the drone countermeasure system.

UAVs are not props for entertainment. Its serious purpose is to bring convenience to humans. Test flights are possible, but they definitely cannot affect the lives of others. As mentioned at the beginning, the UAV industry is developing very rapidly, which also determines that it must have a very broad development prospect.