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Drone frequency disruptor

High-power portable drone jammer Middle East customers have come to actual combat Jieba, effectively defending local low -altitude environment safety, 6 -channel Pili Ken 1620 security case portable design, shielding mobile phone signal, WIFI, UHF/VHF intercom, remote control drone signal, etc. , A variety of frequencies required by customers, products have been used in domestic, Middle East and other countries, the effect is obvious, and the quality is excellent. We have been working hard to maintain world peace! Jammer Mart is committed to R & D, manufacturing, and sales of drone drone frequency jammerg systems, single -soldiers drone counter -equipment, wireless signal jammer equipment, radio frequency amplifier power amplifier module, pressure control oscillator VCO, DDS/FPGA digital explosion shielding system, wireless wireless Signal jammer, recording intelligent shields, etc. serve public safety and information confidentiality products.