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Jammer mart uav scrambler

During this period of time, everyone knows that drone flight incidents frequently occur, small enough to be used for peeping, large enough to steal state secrets and military secrets, small enough to fall and injure a person, large enough to cause the airport to close. Flight delays and passenger stranded have caused serious consequences; therefore, national laws have also been continuously improved during this period. Legal documents have been issued one by one to strengthen the control and real-name registration of drones. Here we do not make any comments on politics, only Analysis of UAV defense and UAV countermeasures technology;

There are several ways to control drones:

1. This method of shooting with a gun seems to be more enjoyable. It is not only controlled but also destroyed. The damage index is higher than five stars. However, there is a problem that requires the shooter to be accurate. Forget it, so as not to be ashamed. In addition, you need to find the right time. Once it falls, it is absolutely not allowed to hurt people. It is very important to get off the phone. In addition, you must remember where you are calling. The question, how many people do you need? Who flew the last question is unknown!

2. Catching with a net is similar to shooting a gun, except that the gun shoots out points, here is the net; it seems that this technology has improved, the destructive power is reduced, and the accuracy rate is improved, but the prerequisite for the problem is The drone needs to fly low, and the human station is high, so the practicability is low;

3. Drone jammer is also the mainstream technology at present. The remote control signals of UAVs are blocked through high-power transmission, so that UAVs lose control. Generally, UAVs can be shot down directly, and smart UAVs can also be shot down. Human-machine interference interferes with GPS and Beidou signals to prevent drones from returning home.