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High-power drone jammer, professionally used for UAV signal jammer in open fields or larger areas, such as prisons, schools, troops, large factories and mines, etc. It has high power, strong interference effect, and heat dissipation. Good, easy to use, can choose network control system and other characteristics. Our drone jammers are affordable and of high quality.

The effective jamming range of the anti-UAV signal jamming system may be different in different use sites. This is related to the installation height of the equipment (antenna), the number of equipment, the installation position, etc.2. Factors affecting the signal interference range of the drone include but are not limited to: the use of omnidirectional antennas or directional antennas, the orientation of the antenna, and the accessibility of obstacles 3. There is a frequency band mark on each antenna, which must correspond to the frequency band mark on the host computer one by one, and the anti-UAV Before the signal interference system is turned on, it must be ensured that each antenna is connected reliably. It is never allowed to start up and use without the antenna; 4. The anti-drone signal jammer system can be installed on the wall or on the pole with a hoop; the recommended installation height is 5~50 meters; 5. Outdoor When installing, the host and antenna should be under the lightning rod; 6. The anti-drone signal jamming system is a high-power model. When it is turned on, it will generate the following electronic equipment within its coverage (including inside the unit of use). Influence, including but not limited to: unit wireless local area network, WiFi routing/relay equipment, common remote control switches and car remote controls, mobile phone and car navigation and positioning, etc.