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Jammer mart drone disruptor

Drone jammer is used in those areas

In recent years, unmanned aircraft have frequently invaded the airport traffic protection zone, which has seriously threatened the normal operation of the airport and the safety of passengers.

On-site meeting of important events, such as large-scale international conferences, major domestic diplomatic events and sports competitions

Prisons are highly confidential and prevent information leakage

Military Management Zone Article 15 of the "Law on the Protection of Military Facilities" of the People's Republic of China prohibits personnel, vehicles and ships on land and water outside the management unit of the military restricted zone from entering the military restricted zone. Photography, video recording, recording, surveying, surveying, depiction and drawing of military restricted areas are prohibited. According to records, aircraft are prohibited from flying at low altitudes in the military restricted zone. However, unless approved by a military organization at the military district level or higher.

Large concerts Large concerts are one of the most crowded places. One of the security plans will take security measures to prevent drone intrusion.