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How to counter drones

Anti-UAV technology can detect, locate, track or "interact" with rogue drones in a variety of ways. This can remind people to take safety measures or proactive defense. Consumer drones are cheap and easy to modify. The terrorists carried several grenades and placed them 5 kilometers away from the remote control. They may enter the airport to disrupt normal operations or cause the aircraft to collide, which may cause loss of life. They may threaten people’s privacy, protected locations or specifically target critical infrastructure. FBI Director Christopher Leigen told terrorists that they might immediately use drones to carry out attacks in the Western world.

Directional jamming means focusing the jamming signal on the rogue drone. This can be a rifle-like beam antenna pointed at the intruder after positioning. Another possibility is to intercept drones from the ground or from the air. The drone jammer gun is very popular in this area, but it requires the attacker to be very close to the area it does not belong to.