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The smallest portable jammer on the market

Admin Posted on 2019-10-05

This is the smallest low-power portable handheld pocket-sized mobile phone jammer on the market. The compact device is ultra-small and looks like a cigarette case. You can put it in your pocket or cigarette case and it's hard to find it.

The portable handheld jammer can operate for up to 90 minutes after being fully charged, and is typically used in classrooms and small seminar halls to block different RF signals up to 5 meters. There is no text on the fuselage to introduce the function of this product, and there is no volume mobile phone signal. Only the ON and OFF two marks are more helpful for hiding. It seems to be an unknown product.

Because of its mini design, the device size is smaller than the wallet, which is a secret method to protect mobile devices, preventing sudden conditions. It blocks signals such as GSM DCS CDMA PDC TDMA PHS IDEN UMTS 3G and is often camouflaged in the customer's cigarette case.

This pocket mini jammer is also called a cigarette cell phone jammer, a hand-held phone jammer, and the price is only $158. Very cheap, ultra-low price, you may get ultra-small cell phone jammers, and get higher quality service.

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