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Most popular car GPS jammer prevent tracking

Admin Posted on 2019-03-14

car gps jammer

Now, some criminals use GPS tracking devices to capture the location of others and steal their privacy, brinng a huge danger to people's lives. In this case, GPS jammers become our biggest tool to protect the privacy of personal locations. Many of the mini satellite GPS signal interceptors here are well popular with the public.

Prevent others from tracking your location through the GPS system

The mini portable GPS jammer blocks all GPS satellite signals that often susceptible to interference. The high-gain antenna of the interfering device helps better detect compatible GPS devices that exist within a specific range, and the GPS jammer has a range of interference without affecting the use of other electronic devices. So when you turn on the GPS jammer, you can still use your phone, Wifi gadget, without worrying about signal interference.

Wide range of shielding bands

1500-1600MHz GPS shielding working range, according to the given signal strengh, the interference radius can reach 15 meters. The GPS signal jammer aims at prevent GPS tracking signals, and once the signal is blocked, the GPS tracker loses its normal function.

Mini size and ultra light weight

GPS blocker can be inserted by providing a lighter, simple cigarette lighter in a moving vehicle. Therefore, the device is designed to be mainly used in automobiles, and the owner of the in-vehicle GPS tracker is very convenient.The GPS signal is disturbed by a small radius that effectively interferes with a minimum of 15 meters.

Low price

When you surf the internet you will find that most GPS jammers are expensive, ranging from $200 to $2,000. But if you buy this mini satellite GPS signal blocking device, you will find it is ultra-low price, and it is fully functional and perfectly designed.

In general, GPS car jammers have good coverage, small size and low price, which can give you a better sense of security. You must be aware that this GPS signal jammer can only block GPSL1 car tracker signals. If you need to avoid other GPS bands, you can buy other types of jammers.

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