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Prisons around the world are using phone jammers

Admin Posted on 2018-05-13

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The Philippines' CEBU, a special electronic device that blocks cell phone signals, will soon be installed at the Cebu City Prison in Barangay Kalunasan to combat illegal drug trafficking in the facility.

Cebu Mayor Tomas Osmeña announced yesterday that he would help municipal prisons to obtain signal jams to prevent illegal activities of unscrupulous detainees who continue to use drugs for smuggling. Use a communication gadget outside.

City Prison Director Johnson Calub supported Osmeña's decision, saying that officials at the Manila Prison and Criminal Administration (BJMP) had discussed the issue.

According to National Security Minister Edmund Dillon, the cell phone jammer that are destined to block cell phone signals from local prisons are working well.

This is his full view of this security measure in prison.

After the launch of the Juniper Networks platform in La Brea on Sunday, Dillon said: "They work very well, I won't say more." They work. Trinidad and Tobago. "

He is not sure if they are serving in the Carrera Island prison.

Last December, the Express reported that some prisoners could use their smartphones to connect with family and friends in prison.

The same phone is used to order drugs, weapons and smugglers in prisons, to discuss extortion and execution of nasty witnesses, competitors and prison officials, and to connect with people on social networks.

The courier was informed that the prison disruptors ordered by the previous government in 2015 did not work, and even if they did, they did not do well.

Former Justice Minister Prakash Lamad called Dillon to say what happened to these jammers.

The prison source informed the courier that the jammer had been installed and was “discontinued” almost immediately.

The phone behind the prison wall was associated with several assassinations and attacks on prison guards, and tried to incite people to send money to prisoners, sometimes with successful damage.

Ceron Richards, head of the Prison Officers Association, said it is time to evaluate the effectiveness of jammers used to disable cellular signals.

“I know that mobile phones continue to exist in the prison area, we need to assess the reliability of the jammers, we need more information about this,” Richards said.

Former National Security Minister Gary Griffith suggested that the appeal could be properly supervised because people in the prison could extract a lot of information.

The plan was not implemented due to budgetary constraints.

Although the prison manual strictly prohibits communication equipment in detention centres, some detainees seek to protect their mobile phones because some corrupt prison guards allow them to own money in exchange for money.

Osmeña cites a report stating that the new Bilibid Prison Manila Prisoner of Drugs is the brain of the priest Maternal Crisosomore's small murder Malan murder two weeks ago. Maternal is a supporter of BandoOsmeña Pundok Kauswagan.

The phone scrambler will block the transmission of signals. Telecommunications experts say that complex devices can block all frequencies simultaneously. The largest mobile phone jammer used by the police and the military can be installed on the vehicle for safe escort.

Osmenia said he had talked with the credible members of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and discussed how to effectively fight drug traffickers and drug traffickers.

Prisons around the world are using phone jammers
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