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Having a leisure quite time by high power jammer

Admin Posted on 2019-02-26

In such a fast-growing world, people have a busy working day, no time to experience life and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside. Even if there is time, most people's spare time is occupied by mobile phones. If you have time to drive tourist, want a quiet and safe journey, don't want to be disturbed by cell phone calls, avoid being tracked by Gps tracking devices, you can choose a portable mobile phone blocker to help you achieve your goals.

For many people today, their lives are occupied by work and they can only choose to relax on weekends, holidays or at the end of the year. High power cell phone jammer is one of the best choices to keep your phone clean and quiet, and the 3G 4G signal jammer can give you a lot of help in your work and life.

The mobile phone jammer has a power shielding distance and shielding function. This 8-band desktop phone jammer can not only shield 2G 3G 4G signals, but also block 5G WiFi 2.4G GPSL1 LOJAC frequency bands. The output power reaches 18W. According to the signal intensity of a specific area, the maximum interference radius is up to 40 meters, which can meet your various requirements.

handheld portable jammers.

The LoJack 4G signal blocker adjusts power and provides excellent heat dissipation: the built-in cooling fan works continuously for long periods of time without damage, making it easy to work long hours. Equipped with a car cigar socket charger, you can use your mobile phone jammer safely while driving a car.

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