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Application of portable jammers in war

Admin Posted on 2019-09-25

Netline, which specializes in RF signal jamming systems, has developed IEDs and RF jammers that can be carried like backpacks, as well as interference systems that can be thrown into closed spaces like grenades. Nowadays, with the increase of people's demand, portable signal blockers has occupied the vast majority of all jammers market. It is small in size, light in weight and convenient to carry.

“So far, the ability to protect individual soldiers from improvised explosive devices has been very limited. It usually requires multiple soldiers to carry portable wireless signal jammer at the same time. Even then, it can only be used to protect a few people. The coverage provided by the new system has become the most What is important is the mobility of the new system, which is more likely to reduce the attack of all explosive devices of the soldiers."

Founded more than a decade ago, Netline has been developing the IED portable cell phone jammer for various detection and interference radios. It also developed a system for carding mobile phones in a confidential area to protect sensitive information in the phone. The company serves security agencies around the world.

In addition to personal IEDs and RF jammers, Netline has also developed a small and lightweight portable blockers that can be thrown like a grenade: "The grenade we developed should compensate for the gap in the operational capabilities of radio controls. Protecting soldiers, by throwing grenades into the area, they can block all signals and frequencies used by the enemy to manipulate the improvised explosive device before entering."

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