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UAV jammer intercepts drone signals

Admin Posted on 2018-11-12

drone gun jammer.

At present, the control signals used by drones are mostly the conventional civilian frequency bands such as 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, and 5.8 GHz. The control of the drones in the market mostly uses radio communication technology, transmiting high-power interference signals to the target drones. By suppressing the control signal, the drone would be forced to land or return on its own.

This drone gun jammer mounts an electronic jammer on the frame of the rifle. Once the trigger is pulled, the jammer will transmit the full-range interference signal to the drone, and then the drone would be out of the operator's control and no control signal could be received. And automatically landed on the ground.

Once the drone's signal in the chaotic state, it usually has three choices: drop to the ground, return to the operator, or drop smoothly. This drone blocke has a maximum shielding range of 1500 meters.

Most consumer-grade UAVs on the market today prefer GPS navigation for flight control, while civilian GPS signals are unencrypted, leaving usable space for Criminals. Many drones allow users using mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets to control and interact directly with Wi-Fi. In this way, some hacking technologies that are already mature on the Internet can be directly applied to drones.

Professionals engaged in anti-UAV applications in the industry said that the current domestic anti-UAV technology is still in the exploration stage. The radio hijacking technology is difficult to implement due to the encryption processing of radio signals by various UAV manufacturers. The threshold is not easy to commercialize, so the current technology is mainly based on interference blocking.

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