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Counter uav technology

Currently, anti-UAV technologies in various countries are mainly divided into three categories.

1. Interference blocking is mainly achieved through signal interference, acoustic interference and other technologies. drone jammer can do it.

2. Direct destruction, including the use of laser weapons and the use of drones to counter drones.

3. Monitoring and control are mainly realized by hijacking radio control.

The second type of technology is mainly used in the military field. The following will discuss the first and third types of anti-UAV technologies, and talk about how to use information technology to counter consumer-grade UAVs.

At present, all civilian drones need to use radio technology to realize functions such as positioning, remote control, and image transmission. Of course, some special-purpose UAVs can use methods such as terrain matching, image recognition, and high-precision inertial navigation to determine their position and complete tasks autonomously, but they are not yet popular in the civilian field. Since the drone must use radio technology, it can interfere with the radio, so as to achieve the goal of causing the drone to lose control or turn back.