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Using GPS signal blocker prevent gps tracking

Admin Posted on 2019-09-25

With the continuous development of innovative technologies, GPS tracking technology has set off a trend. With the popularity of smartphones and Internet devices, we can track every location, such as online searches, visited websites, and purchased items. Many people are willing to share their position with others, but some people want to hide their position. Then how to block gps signal ?

GPS tracking devices sold in the market come in various forms and at different prices, but not all are used for legitimate purposes. There are always some people who use their hobbies to satisfy their hobbies, or to get more rewards for illegal behavior. GPS blocker is one of the most popular and most popular devices for stopping GPS positioning and tracking on the market.

gps signal jammer

GPS signal blocker is a device that hides its whereabouts by transmitting radio signals of the same frequency as GPS devices. Once the device is running, other GPS devices will not be able to determine their location due to interference. Different GPS interference devices have different interference ranges, and generally can interfere in a range of 2-20 meters in radius. Typically, the user will insert the car gps jammer into the cigarette lighter and then place the device close enough to the GPS tracker to destroy the GPS satellite signal.

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