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Canuse signal jammer hide truck position

Admin Posted on 2020-02-29

Mileage tax: Road drivers use signal jammers to avoid paying dh.beTaxe mileage: Road drivers use signal jamming equipment to avoid payerdh.beCertains truck drivers use GPS jammers to avoid paying mileage taxes, RTL-TVI revealed on Monday. The device is sold on the Internet, preventing the normal operation of the OBU box, which cannot calculate the kilometers traveled and so on.

Mileage tax trucks use jammers to avoid paying-RTL 5 minutes (registered), RTL 5 minutes (registered) kilometers to tax trucks use GPS stoppers to avoid paying RTL 5 minutes (registered) trucks to avoid interference with paying kilometers, some more than 3.5 tons Truck drivers have GPS jamming equipment. In this way, the vehicle can be invisible. Anonymously, a foreign carrier expressed itself with RTL information at 1 pm and after. Encryption refers to digital signal processing, while interference refers to analog communications. Jammer is achieved by superposing spurious signals on normal signals.

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Imagine yourself anywhere in subways, trains, restaurants, these public places, nothing is more unpleasant than being troubled by unconscious people, he said that his sad and intimate life, orders or sudden outbreaks did not Laugh when you share your career with us.Imagine a conversation that was brutally interrupted at such a moment. Type, the girl looked at her phone, the phone became awkward, didn't know what happened, and didn't understand anything. By cursing this ineffective garbage, these are the effects of the signal jammer.

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