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Cell phone too close to the human body may cause cancer

Admin Posted on 2019-10-04

On December 16, the California Department of Health issued a warning on daily mail: People should keep their phones away from the body to reduce radiation and danger. At the same time, it is pointed out that a large amount of data indicates that the use of mobile phones may be related to cancer, attention disorders, mental health and reproductive health issues. Especially for children, there is a close connection between mobile phones and people's health. It is recommended that citizens keep their distances.

Mobile phones typically use low-frequency radio signals to transmit information, and in the process, people may experience undesirable radiation, especially when transferring or downloading large files. Studies have shown that people often endanger their health if they are exposed to the phone. For example, Apple added the “rf contact” notification to its iPhone settings. After testing the iPhone, the rf radiation range has been tested, 5 mm from the body.

Many people don't care about this kind of warning. What is especially worrying is that many parents can't control their children when they use their mobile phones. They are forbidden to use their mobile phones and their children are always hurt by mobile phone radiation. Almost every family now has several mobile phones. Even if their children don't have a mobile phone, they will watch videos and play games on other mobile phones, and it will take a few hours to see, which is not conducive to the growth of children.

I want to give my parents a suggestion. If you don't want your child to play with your mobile phone and want to give them a quiet and comfortable learning environment, you can use a portable blocker. The portable cell phone jammer can block all cell phone signals in a certain area around them, so that they There is no network, so you can't play mobile phones. At the same time, parents should lead by example and lead them to study together, because at home, parents are the best teachers.

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