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Portable jammers usually used In agency sector such as prisons

Admin Posted on 2019-09-27

As the number of smartphones increases, the use of jammers is becoming more common. Interferers are widely used in prison armed forces. According to statistics, there are currently 804 jammer devices available in French prisons. In order to upgrade and purchase a new generation of jammers, the French judiciary provided 30 million euros worldwide to purchase jammers, in which portable wifi jammer quantity was the most.

François Bayrou, the new French Minister of Justice, said at a meeting: I am in favor of installing mobile jammers in prisons, shielding the WiFi signals around the prisons, ensuring the privacy of the prisons, and preventing prison personnel from privately contacting outsiders. The use of mobile phones by people in prisons can have unimaginable consequences, such as photos of supervisors posted on a social network: being detained and smoking next to a swimming pool. Although the authorities tried to stop this practice, they did not produce results, and it was suggested that portable wirelss jammer should be used to block all signals in the vicinity of the prison.

Portable bluetooth jammer is also a type of portable jammer. We know that Bluetooth is an important tool currently used to transmit information. It is a special short-range wireless technology connection based on low-cost short-range wireless connection to establish a communication environment for fixed and mobile devices, but power consumption. Low, links are cumbersome, and security is not high. Many large companies are in the state of this device in order to prevent the loss of company information, and can also cut off cell phone signals.

Portable drone jammer mainly used to force drones to land, and now the drone market is flooding. The resulting drone sneak shots, drones carrying prohibited items and drone black flying events have a great impact on society. However, there are no effective coercive tools to drive the drone away from the safe area. Some law enforcement agencies or institutions (such as airports) have to apply drone jammers to block the occurrence of "black fly" incidents of nearby drones.

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