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The drone jammer forcibly controls and drives away the 1500-meter low-altitude flight

Admin Posted on 2022-09-21

Unmanned aircraft, referred to as "unmanned aerial vehicle", refers to an unmanned aerial vehicle that is controlled by radio remote control equipment and its own program control device. In recent years, with the explosive development of the UAV industry, UAVs have been widely used in traditional and non-traditional security fields. In addition to military applications, they also involve scientific research, agriculture, electricity, transportation, Meteorology and many other industries. In just a few years, drones have gone from niche to popular, especially in the application market of civilian drones, and even to madness and abuse.

The rapid, disorderly and uncontrolled development of drones has increasingly revealed its negative effects! The safety hazards and accidents caused by the "black flying" of drones have been frequently reported and repeatedly banned. Some civilian drones are not only cheap, but also have functions such as candid photography, secret recording, monitoring, reconnaissance, and air-dropping items (including contraband and dangerous goods) in addition to aerial photography. Prison detention centers, large-scale sports conferences, large-scale festivals, security of important persons, and airport airspace have brought great security risks and management loopholes. In view of the widespread use of drones, it is difficult to implement relevant regulatory measures, and it is difficult to monitor, locate and manage the flying users of drone jammer or drone jamming countermeasure systems are becoming more and more popular!

How drone jammers work

In theory, the drone gun jammer or UAV jamming countermeasure system should be implemented in the best way: detection (discovery) → jamming → capture (forced landing). However, due to the small size of most UAVs, the low power of remote control and data transmission, and the low-altitude and ultra-low-altitude flight, whether it uses radar echo, optical image, audio analysis, and other detection technologies, it will be due to the body of the UAV. The reflected signal is too small, the background noise disturbance near the ground, the complicated ground communication signal, and the obstacles of high-rise buildings, etc., make the detection of UAVs unable to achieve 100% accurate identification, and the rate of false positives and false negatives are extremely high. Under the circumstance that the existing detection technology is not yet perfect and reliable, it is a feasible and relatively stable, and effective solution to effectively interfere with and suppress the communication frequencies such as remote control, positioning, and data transmission of UAVs.

The solution of this set of drone jammer systems is to transmit several standard interference signals to the no-fly zone of the UAV and a certain range around it, to suppress the interference of the common wireless communication frequency band of UAV, including GPS positioning and navigation signal, WiFi2.4G, WiFi5.8G, etc. When the drone enters the range covered by the jamming signal, its performance results are loss of contact, loss of control, inertial flight, fall, self-landing, etc.

anti drone jammer gun

Features of drone signal jammer

1) Small size: The drone jammer gun adopts a hand-held design and can be held with one hand;

2) Stability: Exquisite ventilation and heat dissipation design, even if it is turned on for 2 hours continuously, the temperature of the case will not exceed 45℃;

3) Battery power supply: This set of drone gun jammers adopts the world's safest lithium iron phosphate large-capacity battery, which can be repeatedly charged, AC charging and vehicle charging;

4) Professionalism: This set of drone frequency jammers can selectively interfere with the UAV's flight control, image transmission, navigation, and other signals;

5) Personalized customization: Customize the signal types of different anti-UAV systems according to the requirements of different countries, regions, or different low-altitude defense systems (low-slow and small countermeasures);

This high-power handheld UAV anti-gun system (gun-type low-slow and small countermeasures, low-altitude defense system, anti-UAV jamming gun) is especially suitable for applications because of its easy portability, flexible use, and built-in large-capacity battery. For: Public Security, Police, Bomb Squad, Mission Protection, Special Police (S.W.A.T), Military Security Forces, Bomb Squads, Anti-Terrorist Units, Anti-Drug Units, Border Control Units, Checkpoints, etc.

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