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Drone jammer upgrade for solar UAV safety measures

Admin Posted on 2022-09-19

With the birth of solar-powered drones, upgrade the drone jammer system to deal with the troubles caused by solar-powered drones.

The flight time and height of solar drones have been greatly improved, and they can operate outside for a long time. The risks and hidden dangers of drones that disrupt aviation order, accidentally crash and hurt people, and secretly photograph military secrets will also be significantly worse. increase. How to do a good job of comprehensive drone control measures has become an important issue when the drone is "upgraded" again. The drone gun jammer system can realize full-time, full-coverage, full-process integration and active real-time management and control of sensitive airspace, and truly ensure the security protection of the monitoring area.

Solar drones can be widely used in the field of military-civilian integration, including major natural disaster early warning, normalized sea area supervision, emergency rescue and disaster relief, anti-terrorism, and stability maintenance, and other public welfare fields, as well as commercial Internet wireless access, mobile communication, digital TV signal broadcasting in remote areas, etc. and industrial fields.

Features of Drone Jammer

The mystery of the drone jammer device is that it can precisely control the hovering of the drone. The anti drone uav jammer can make the drone hover and land, and the other can make the drone return home. It will not directly drop the drone and hit people. The drone frequency jammer can be applied to individuals, companies, detention centers, and other fields to improve confidentiality and security, and make black-flying drones make an emergency landing. So it's listed to attract the attention of customers.

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Types of countermeasure systems for drone jammers

At present, the drone signal jammer technology of various countries is mainly divided into three categories.

1. Interference blocking is mainly realized by techniques such as signal interference and sound wave interference.

2. Direct destruction, including using laser weapons, using drones to counter drones, etc.

3. Monitoring and control, which is mainly realized by hijacking radio control.

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