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The gap between ordinary wifi jammers and high-quality jammers

Admin Posted on 2022-09-22

Generally speaking, wifi jammer can be divided into ordinary shielding and high-quality shielding. The technical characteristics of ordinary shielding are mainly based on the shielding principle, using a large number of low-power or high-power equipment to fight against, and staying on a simple technical solution. High-quality shielding, its technical features use strong signal digital point frequency hopping technology, which reduces radiation by 150 times compared with ordinary shielding technology; mainly outdoor shielding, reducing indoor radiation power by hundreds of times; using multi-channel technology, full-frequency antennas are replaced N frequency division antennas, suitable for wireless remote, laying the foundation for distributed antennas; using distributed antenna technology to reasonably distribute shielding power, disperse power signals, reduce antenna radiation, provide dozens of times efficiency, and eliminate dead spots and leaks at the same time; Jike's unique TD synchronization technology, for China Mobile's 3G (TD-SCDMA) and 4G (TD-LTE) networks, only the downlink pilot time slot is shielded, and the interference to the base station is eliminated. recognition, while reducing radiation dozens of times. Comparison Items Ordinary Shielding High-quality Shielding Low Price Moderate Price Technology Basic Shielding Principle Works by Quantity 1. Digital point frequency/frequency hopping technology Multiplexing technology 3. Distributed antenna technology Large radiation and small effect.

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Tips for using a wifi blocker

Wifi jammers are now often used in conjunction with Bluetooth jammer/WiFi functionality, which is very helpful for keeping secrets. Bad actors like hackers are known to steal your files and attack your network via WiFi or Bluetooth. So this is one of the main reasons why people are now using wifi frequency jammer to help them in many places like government, military, finance, security, police, and command centers. Because these places are strict in terms of information protection.

Here you can find such an excellent wifi signal jammer as your protective weapon, and here at Jammer mart, you will find out what the latest jammer equipment can bring you. For public safety reasons, cell phones should also be turned off near sensitive electronic devices such as hospitals and airports.

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