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To combat the black flying of drones, we recommend the use of drone jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-09-23

Drones bring us a lot of fun, but also destroy our daily lives. Ubiquitous noise harassment and spy cameras, even weapons.
To capture drones, police and the military are experimenting with everything from eagles to lasers. At the Davos Economic Forum, the answer was neither bird capture nor directional light: it was radio frequencies generated by an antenna and pointed at the drone.
To protect your daily life from disruption, we recommend using a drone jammer. Not only does the device block normal 2.4Ghz radios, but it can also interfere with the latest 5.8Ghz radios. The jammer has a blocking range of up to 1,500 meters and can even shoot down high-altitude drones.

After using the drone jamming device, it can completely block the drone signal within a certain range. You don't have to worry about your personal privacy from prying eyes and can enjoy quiet time.

Types of drone jammers

Currently, drone signal jammers are mainly divided into two types. Desktop and luggage types.

The desktop drone blocker is small and lightweight. But the interference range is limited.
The portable anti-UAV defense system has the characteristics of accurate blocking and a large interference range. This type of jammer can be divided into gun-type jammers and 360-degree omnidirectional interceptors.

anti drone uav jammer

The gun-type jamming drone unit is accurate and fast. Quickly shoot down drones and quadcopters.
The 360-degree all-around interceptor is very convenient. Block drone signal immediately after power on. No need to aim.
When aimed and affixed to a drone, the drone frequency jammer disrupts radio and GPS signals to guide it. It can be done up to 1500 meters away, making it a long-range weapon.

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