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Perfect high power jammers are here

Admin Posted on 2019-09-18

For many people, they only need to use signal blockers when they are outside, so they will use hand-held signal blockers when needed, and sometimes they need to use signal-blockers without interruption. At this time, high power Signal blockers are better suited for them. If you want to get more high-power signal jammers, come to the jammer-mart and choose the high-power desktop signal conditioner or portable powerful blocker that works best for you.

For many people, they only need to use signal shielding devices in certain places, such as classrooms, factories, etc., and rarely need to move them to another place. At the same time, they hope that the signal interference equipment can maintain a good working condition. Block signals from different frequency bands. A high-power signal jammer with multiple interference bands precisely meets this need.

Jammer-mart offers a wide range of advanced high power blockers that make it easier to block all types of signals. Such as the Built-in Antenna jammer, equipped with a high-quality silent fan, stable performance, safe and reliable. It blocks all common signal types such as CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, TDS, CDMA, and also blocks radio, 2.4G (WLAN, WIFI, Bluetooth) bands.

This high-power mobile phone jammer has large interference radius, wide frequency, low running noise, intelligent cooling system, good heat dissipation and interference radius of 100 meters. Thanks to its excellent cooling capacity, this high-power mobile phone GPS WIFI GSM signal jammer can achieve 24/7 continuous operation. When using, you need to pay attention to the specific operation method and specific use. At the same time, you must understand the principle of cell phone signal interference, in order to meet the customer's work needs.

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